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Larne Area Plan 2010
Introduction: Plan Strategy

The Planning Strategy for the Borough is to provide opportunities for development in urban centres by ensuring that sufficient land is available for development within each which offers choice and variety, taking account of existing infrastructure. It includes the regeneration of Larne Town Centre and the villages. The strategy provides the main development opportunities in Larne Town and also provides for the protection and enhancement of the rural area through the application of Countryside Policy Areas and a Green Belt around Larne.
The major principle within the strategy is that new development is welcomed within the Borough and should be facilitated where possible, provided the type and scale of the proposals can be accommodated without detriment to the community or the natural or built environment.
Development limits have been used to define settlements and to prevent ribbon development and urban sprawl. In Larne Town specific land use zonings have been identified, although other uses ancillary to and compatible with the predominant use category may also be acceptable within these zones. In the villages and other settlements only land for open space has been zoned where appropriate. Applications to develop other sites in these settlements will be given favourable consideration provided the proposed use is compatible and can be visually integrated with the existing built up area.

The Settlements

The development limit around Larne defines the inner edge of the Green Belt and in the other settlements it defines the inner edge of a Policy Area. The Plan indicates areas with potential for development in and around Larne and opportunities for improvement to the physical environment and range of facilities which exist in the town at present. The Town Centre in particular is the focus of attention for proposals to improve the physical environment.
Development opportunities are also provided in the six villages namely: Ballycarry, Ballygalley, Ballystrudder, Carnlough, Glenarm and Glynn where scope for development appropriate to the scale and character of each village and within a clearly defined development limit, will be permitted.
A number of smaller settlements have been designated which represent established groupings within the rural area. While they will remain essentially rural in character each has the ability to absorb, without detriment to their existing character, small groups of houses, single dwellings or other suitable land uses within a clearly defined development limit. These settlements are:

The Countryside

The final element in the strategy relates to the countryside. Within Larne Borough there is a diversity of landscapes ranging from inaccessible open moorland in the north to enclosed farmland to the south.
In response to the need to conserve the best of these differing environments and curtail unnecessary development the Department proposes a number of policy areas designed:
  • to protect areas of countryside under pressure from development;
  • to protect the visual amenity of areas of landscape quality; and
  • to maintain the rural character of the countryside.
These policy areas are:
  1. A Countryside Policy Area covering the undeveloped coast north of Larne.
  2. Countryside Policy Areas covering:
    • Antrim Coast and Glens Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty to the north of Larne;
    • The Islandmagee Peninsula;
    • The South Larne Area.
  3. A Green Belt around Larne Town:
    • to prevent the unrestricted sprawl of large built-up areas;
    • to prevent neighbouring settlements from merging;
    • to safeguard the surrounding countryside;
    • to protect the setting of settlements; and
    • to assist in urban regeneration.
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