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Larne Area Plan 2010
Introduction: Local Context

The Potential for growth of Larne Town has been assessed and planning appraisals have been carried out for each village and smaller settlement. It is expected that the population of Larne Town will rise from the current 17,600 (approx.) to 19,000 (approx.) by the year 2010 and the population of the Borough from the current 29,419 (approx.) to 31,700 (approx.). As a consequence there will be a need within both Larne Town and the other settlements to include additional land for development purposes. This land will meet both the requirement for additional housing land resulting from an overall population increase and a reduction in the average size of households. It will also meet the needs of industry as currently assessed. Should a need for additional land be identified during the plan period the zoning of additional land will be considered in the light of the circumstances then pertaining. As this may require formal alteration of the plan the appropriate procedures will be introduced at that time.
The Larne Area Plan will, through its policies and proposals, seek to facilitate the physical, social and economic regeneration of the Borough. This will include the regeneration of the rural economy and the revitalisation of rural towns and villages in order to make them more attractive places in which to live and work.
The Department is committed to the concept of sustainable development. The Policies and Proposals contained in the Larne Area Plan will therefore ensure that the needs of the present are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
The Planning Appraisals and Countryside Assessments have identified key issues affecting the Borough. These have been used to formulate the Department's Policies and Proposals.

Key Issues

  1. The needs of housing and industry for development land.
  2. The potential for expansion of the villages and smaller settlements.
  3. The existence of run down areas in Larne Town and other parts of the Borough.
  4. The potential for tourist development throughout the Borough.
  5. The quality of the natural and manmade heritage and its potential for enhancement.
  6. Threats to vulnerable landscapes and wildlife habitats from inappropriate forms of development.
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