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Larne Area Plan 2010
Introduction: Plan Aim

The Aim of the Larne Area Plan is to create urban and rural environments which will make a positive contribution to an improvement in the quality of life in the Borough.
The Plan has the following objectives:
  1. To identify sufficient suitable lands for future housing, industry, commerce, open space uses and community facilities and provide an element of choice in development opportunities particularly with regard to housing and employment.
  2. To improve the quality of the urban environment by encouraging the regeneration of Larne Town Centre and the villages.
  3. To identify and provide development opportunities of a suitable nature both urban and rural, throughout the Borough.
  4. To protect features of the historic landscape in the Borough including archaeological sites and monuments and their settings, listed buildings and their settings and historic parks gardens and demesnes.
  5. To protect areas of high landscape quality and open countryside.
  6. To protect both designated sites and local sites of nature conservation interest.
  7. To retain a clear distinction between urban areas and the open countryside by preventing urban sprawl and ribbon development.
  8. To encourage the development of the Borough's tourist potential.
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