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Larne Area Plan 2010
Policies and Proposals


The Department will protect, conserve and enhance sensitive landscapes, accommodate the needs of the farming community and protect vulnerable areas from development pressure. The Department therefore proposes:–
  1. A Countryside Policy Area for the undeveloped coast north of Larne. (See Policy NV2)
  2. A Green Belt around Larne. (See Policy NV3)
  3. A Countryside Policy Area for the Antrim Coast and Glens A.O.N.B., the Islandmagee peninsula and the area to the south of Larne. (See Policy NV4)
(All Policy Areas are shown on the District Strategy Map1)


Planning permission for the replacement of prefabricated temporary holiday homes with a permanent dwelling will not normally be approved. The Department may consider the replacement of a group of adjacent dwellings with a single permanent dwelling subject to the normal planning and environmental criteria.


In assessing development proposals the Department will apply the principles contained in the Antrim Coast and Glens A.O.N.B. Design Guide.(1)
The Antrim Coast and Glens A.O.N.B. was designated in 1989 because of the scenic quality of the landscape and the appeal of the heritage of the dwellings built by past generations.
The Department intends to protect this heritage so that any new buildings are in harmony with the siting and design of traditional buildings. In so doing the Department will be conscious of the need to meet the requirements of modern living and also the availability of new construction techniques and materials.
(1) Detailed guidance is provided in the Antrim Coast and Glens Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Design Guide 1989, available from the Ballymena Divisional Planning Office.
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