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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Social Base: S4 Development In Villages

S4 Development In Villages
Within the limits of development of villages the Department will normally grant planning permission for appropriate development proposals which are in keeping with the size and character of the settlement, meet the needs of the local community and encourage regeneration. Important landscape features will also be protected. Land has not been zoned for specific development in villages as experience has shown this to be an inflexible approach especially in those places where development pressure may be low*. Local Landscape Policy Areas have however been designated to protect landscape features considered to be of greatest amenity value or local significance in or adjoining each village.
Development proposals will therefore be assessed on their merits having regard to the compatibility of the proposal with surrounding land uses, to the policies of the Plan and strategic and regional planning policies.
It must be stressed that inclusion of land within limits of development does not imply planning approval for any particular development. The development of some land may require the provision of additional services or infrastructure before it can proceed and this may necessitate contributions or a bond agreement by the developer to the relevant statutory body. The time required to provide any necessary services will depend on the complexity of the work involved, the practicality of doing the work and the availability of finance. Developers are therefore advised to liaise with the relevant agencies in order to evaluate these issues and programme any necessary infrastructure works, which could include roads, water and sewerage or land drainage.
Additionally some pockets of land within the limits of development may be difficult or unsuitable for development due to topography or other considerations such as public health or road safety. The Planning Service also recognises the problem of land unavailability in certain villages and in many instances therefore limits have been drawn generously to take account of these problems and to provide greater flexibility in choice of site for the potential developer.
Proposals for all new development should be sympathetic to the size, form and function of each village and contribute positively to the individual character of each location in terms of scale, massing, design and layout. Existing vegetation and site features e.g. traditional stone walls should be retained where possible.
Areas of Village Character have been designated in several of the larger villages which retain their attractive and traditional street forms to ensure that new development complements the appearance and character of these areas.
The number of settlements designated as villages also includes some which are quite small and which essentially display a rural character. Proposals for new development in these smaller villages must therefore reflect this rural character in their design and layout.
Landscaping and appropriate boundary treatments should form an integral element of any proposal and in cases where new development adjoins a major road substantial buffer planting will be required to screen the site and help reduce noise nuisance.
Historic Parks and Gardens, the Enniskillen Green Belt, Countryside Policy Areas and Protected Routes have been highlighted where appropriate on the individual maps for each village for information purposes. Additional background information on each village is contained in the Town and Village Appraisal Section of the Countryside Assessment Supplement.
*Ballycassidy/Laragh/Trory and Mullanaskea are the only exceptions to this.
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