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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Social Base: S3 Development In Towns

S3 Development In Towns
Within the limits of development of towns the Department will normally grant planning permission for appropriate development proposals on zoned land to meet anticipated housing needs, industrial expansion and recreation/open space requirements and will protect important landscape features. The Department will also protect the vitality and viability of the established town centres
Within the limit of development of each town areas have been specifically zoned for each of the principal land uses; housing, industry and recreation/open space. Local Landscape Policy Areas have also been designated to protect landscape features considered to be of greatest amenity value or local significance in or adjoining the towns.
Zoned areas are generally those considered to have the best development potential and to be well located both physically and visually to existing development.
It must be noted however that some land zoned may not have the necessary services immediately available. These will not normally be provided until firm development proposals exist and may necessitate contributions or a bond agreement by the developer to the relevant statutory body. The time required to provide any necessary services will depend on the complexity of the work involved, the practicality of doing the work and the availability of finance. Accordingly there may be instances where development will have to be phased with the provision of infrastructure and developers are advised to liaise with the relevant agencies in order to evaluate these issues and programme any necessary infrastructure works, which could include roads, water and sewerage or land drainage.
While major zonings have normally been defined relative to site boundaries, some minor adjustment may be appropriate to ensure the proper development of the land zoned. In each case the zoning represents the predominant land use envisaged.
Some unused land, though well located within the development limit of each town, has no zoning designation because of its topography, problems with access, servicing and/or drainage or because it is extraneous to expected development needs. Proposals to develop such areas of unzoned or white land will be treated on their merits and may be acceptable provided site constraints can be overcome. In other cases, land with potential to accommodate a range of uses has been left unzoned in the interests of flexibility. As far as practicable the Department will seek to minimise the number of accesses from these areas of white land and will not permit direct access onto a Protected Route if a reasonable alternative access is available.
The established town centres of Enniskillen, Irvinestown and Lisnaskea are the main centres of trade and commerce in Fermanagh.The Department has defined town centre boundaries for each, within which there will be a presumption in favour of development proposals which would make a positive contribution to ensuring these centres continue to provide a focus for shopping activity. They will also be promoted as the principal locations for office development and appropriate service, cultural and leisure uses.
Additional development proposals for each town and the criteria for the development of individual zoned sites are set out in the Proposals Section of the Plan. In addition, all new development should comply with the policies of the Plan and strategic and regional planning policies. Additional background information on each town is contained in the Countryside Assessment Supplement.
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