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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Introduction: Supplements

The Department has also prepared and is publishing, for information purposes, a number of supplements which provide background and technical information which has influenced the policies and proposals contained in the Plan.
These are summarised below:

Countryside Assessment Supplement

Countryside Assessments are carried out as part of the Development Plan process. These assessments are intended to assist in identifying the character of countryside areas, traditional and appropriate forms of development and the capacity of the landscape to absorb further development. The Countryside Assessment Supplement contains 3 sections: :
  • A landscape evaluation of the Fermanagh countryside.
  • An appraisal of towns and villages.
  • An assessment of historic parks, gardens and demesnes.

Technical Supplement

As part of the Fermanagh Area Plan preparation, an assessment has been carried out of the main social and economic trends which would influence future land use requirements. The Technical Supplement contains an analysis of :
  • Population
  • Housing
  • Industry and Employment
  • Tourism
  • Recreation and Open Space
  • Commerce

Environmental Appraisal Supplement

Environmental appraisal is carried out as part of the Development Plan process, to ensure that due regard is paid to nature conservation issues in the formulation of proposals. The Environmental Appraisal Supplement contains a strategic assessment of the environmental impact of the Plan policies and proposals. For information purposes details of all designated sites of nature conservation importance are included in this Supplement.

Monitoring and Implementation Supplement

The production of the Fermanagh Area Plan is part of a continuing process of forward planning. The policies and proposals contained in the Plan must be monitored to assess their effectiveness. Proper monitoring will indicate the need for a review or alteration of part of the plan due to circumstances which were unforeseen at the time of Plan preparation. The Monitoring and Implementation Supplement contains policy performance indicators and highlights appropriate monitoring information.
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