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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Introduction: Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland

Tully CastleIn September 1993 the Department published "A Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland". The policies and proposals contained in that document apply to all of rural Northern Ireland including Fermanagh District Council Area. The Strategy establishes the objectives and policies for land use and development within the rural area. It provides a comprehensive framework for the preparation of Development Plans for individual District Council areas. The Fermanagh Area Plan must therefore be read in conjunction with the Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland and any subsequent review.
( It should be noted that it is intended to review the Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland by publishing Planning Policy Statements.) The Strategy commits the Department to providing Development Plans in consultation with District Councils and local communities, tailored to the specific needs of particular localities in Northern Ireland. The publication of the Fermanagh Area Plan is part of the process of complying with this strategic policy.

MacKay Report

Prior to starting work on the Fermanagh Area Plan the Department commissioned consultants (MacKay and Cobham Resource Consultants) to prepare a Rural Development Strategy for Fermanagh. This was intended to form the background to the Area Plan. Extensive public consultation was undertaken during the preparation of the study which was published in l991.The MacKay Report sets out recommendations for Fermanagh under the headings of Economy, Environment and Social Base and Built Environment. The various recommendations have influenced the format, policies and proposals now published in the Fermanagh Area Plan.
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