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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Environment: Nat Env 2 Countryside Policy Areas

Nat Env 2 Countryside Policy Areas
The Department designates the following Countryside Policy Areas:
(a) The shores and islands of Upper and Lower Lough Erne
(b) The shores and islands of Upper and Lower Lough Macnean
(c) The shores and islands of Lough Melvin
Arising from the Countryside Assessment the shores of Loughs Erne, Melvin and Macnean are considered to be the most vulnerable in Fermanagh and could come under threat from excessive or inappropriate development which could adversely affect their rural character. Countryside Policy Area designation is intended to protect these areas. Within Countryside Policy Areas the policies summarised in policy Nat Env 1 above apply.
The Islands of Lough Erne are considered to constitute an exceptional landscape. Their relatively undeveloped nature and tree cover give them a characteristic appearance as well as making them of outstanding importance for nature conservation. In addition, several islands have important archaeological remains, some are owned by the District Council, others by various nature conservation organisations.
The islands of Lough Macnean have important heritage interest and the wooded islands of Lough Melvin are important landscape features.
There will be a presumption against any development on islands in the Countryside Policy Areas except in the following circumstances:
  • consolidation of existing development providing it is in character and scale, does not threaten any nature conservation or heritage interest and can be integrated with the landscape.
  • in the wider public interest
Note: Those islands which have a road connection to the shore are treated as part of the mainland.
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