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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Environment: Nat Env 1 Enniskillen Green Belt

Nat Env 1 Enniskillen Green Belt
The Department designates a Green Belt around Enniskillen.
Arising from the Countryside Assessment, the rural area around Enniskillen has been identified as likely to come under pressure for excessive development which would alter its rural character. The Green Belt designation is intended to prevent the unrestricted sprawl of Enniskillen, safeguard the surrounding countryside, protect the setting of the town and nearby settlements and assist in urban regeneration.
Within the Enniskillen Green Belt current policies indicate that non residential development will be acceptable if it is:
  • essential to the needs of agriculture;
  • necessary for outdoor sport and recreation;
  • a necessary community facility;
  • an appropriate tourist scheme.
Permission for a dwelling will be granted:
  • to meet the needs of a farm or other established enterprises;
  • for a retiring farmer to facilitate the sale or transfer of the farm;
  • to meet special personal or domestic circumstances;
  • to replace an existing dwelling subject to certain criteria.
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