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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
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Man Env 9 Fermanagh Design Guide
The Planning Service will publish, after consultation, guidance on design standards and practice for new development in Fermanagh
The Planning Service will, subject to the availability of resources and necessary public consultation, produce a Fermanagh Design Guide. This would complement the advice contained in the Department's Design Guide for Rural Northern Ireland published in 1994.
The Planning Service wishes to encourage good quality design for all new developments in Fermanagh to ensure an attractive environment for future generations and a local design guide would provide detailed advice on how this may best be achieved. It should take account of the variety of landscapes in the District and identify the forms of development traditional and appropriate to particular countryside areas and advise on the manner in which such development might best be integrated into the particular landscape setting. This would include aspects such as design, use of local materials, the use or reinstatement of local features such as frontage hedgerows or stone walls and appropriate landscaping schemes. The design guide should also be broad enough in scope.
So as not to preclude good contemporary design using modern materials. It might also usefully include advice on design of sustainable housing, having regard to matters such as energy efficiency, the desirability of using renewable energy technologies and more environmentally sound methods of disposing of domestic effluent.
Any design guide published will give detailed advice on the design principles to be applied in the proposed Erne Lakeland and Fermanagh Caveland Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
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