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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Environment: Man Env 3 Local Landscape Policy Areas

Man Env 3 Local Landscape Policy Areas
The Department designates Local Landscape Policy Areas in and adjoining towns and villages to protect sites of intrinsic environmental value.
There is a need to respect and protect the natural and man-made environment in and adjoining settlements where development pressures are normally greatest. Local Landscape Policy Areas are those areas considered to be of greatest amenity value or local significance and therefore worthy of protection from undesirable or damaging development. These designations are intended to :
(i) Protect archaeological sites and monuments and their immediate surroundings.
(ii) Protect listed and other important buildings and their immediate surroundings
(iii) Ensure the retention of areas of woodland and important tree groups or avenues and protect them from disturbance.
(iv) Maintain, where possible, public access and views of and from river banks and shore lines.
(v) Ensure that development does not detract from important vistas or encroach on to localised hills or amenity areas.
Many of these areas are of local importance for nature conservation interest and they can also function as buffer zones between different uses and help reduce the likelihood of over intensive development within settlements. For the most part these areas are unlikely to be acquired or developed for amenity open space uses by the District Council or any other statutory body, rather it is intended they should remain largely in their present use.
New development will normally be resisted in order to maintain the intrinsic environmental value and character of these areas. In most cases where the Local Landscape Policy Area is small in scale and/or is of exceptional environmental quality no new development will be permitted. In some cases where the Local Landscape Policy Area is larger or there are existing buildings on the site there may be scope to accommodate sensitive development proposals provided there is no significant detrimental impact on the feature which the designation is intended to protect and the proposals meet the normal planning and technical considerations.
Where Local Landscape Policy Areas are located beyond the limits of development of any settlement, consideration of development proposals will also take into account all relevant rural planning policies.
For development proposals which affect archaeological sites and monuments and their Man-Made Environment settings or listed buildings and their settings, the advice of Environment and Heritage Environment Service will be a major consideration.
In some cases recreation proposals sympathetic to the feature safeguarded may receive favourable consideration while additional landscaping of some sites will be encouraged. The use of Tree Preservation Orders will also be considered particularly where there are trees which contribute significantly to visual amenity or which are under threat from development.
Note: In the Proposals Section for each town, individual Local Landscape Policy Areas are listed together with relevant guidance. The Village Proposals Section also lists the Local Landscape Policy Areas for each village.
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