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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Economy: T6 Tourism Development in the Countryside

T6 Tourism Development in the Countryside
The Department will assess proposals for tourism development in the Fermanagh countryside according to:
(a) The capacity of the landscape to absorb new development
(b) The effect of the proposal on the rural character of the locality when considered together with existing and approved developments
(c) The contribution of the proposal to the economy and job creation
(d) The impact on nature conservation interest and the manmade heritage.
Much of the rural area of Fermanagh is relatively undeveloped and provides opportunities for suitably sited well designed tourism development. Tourism development can make an important contribution to rural regeneration and several community organisations are in the process of implementing a variety of tourism proposals in their local areas. The proposed designation of two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Erne Lakeland and Fermanagh Caveland, will help to generate further tourism interest. It is important that tourism development in Fermanagh contributes positively to the attractions of the county so as to ensure the future of this important industry.
The shores of Lough Melvin and Lough Macnean are designated Countryside Policy Areas within which proposals for new developments will be balanced against the objectives of protecting these areas and keeping new development to a minimum. The islands of both Loughs are also designated Countryside Policy Areas (see Plan Policy Nat Env 2) and only proposals which consolidate existing development or which are in the wider public interest will be permitted.
Since it is anticipated that most demand for new tourism developments will be focused on the shore and immediate hinterland of Lough Erne, additional strategic guidance is provided for this area in Policy T7.
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