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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Economy: T1 Protection of Tourism Assets

T1 Protection of Tourism Assets
The Department will seek to ensure the protection of the tourism assets of Fermanagh which comprise the quality landscape, features of the natural environment and man-made heritage and important views.
Marble Arch Caves Visitor Centre
The quality and diversity of the Fermanagh landscapes are essential to the future of the tourism industry and it is necessary to ensure that tourism development does not damage the assets it seeks to exploit. Countryside Policy Areas are designated to protect the vulnerable Lough Shore landscapes from excessive development pressure.The islands of Lough Erne will be subject to special protection (see Policy Nat Env2).
In considering proposals for any development in Fermanagh the Planning Service will have regard to the potential impact on the key tourism assets of the District.
The Planning Service will seek to protect the landscape setting of important tourist attractions, including National Trust Estates and monuments in State Care. All proposals for tourism development will be assessed on their impact on the landscape so as to ensure that the scenic quality of the locality is retained. Many roads have scenic views and in considering planning applications for development the Planning Service will pay particular attention to the effect of the proposal on these important public views. In some areas e.g. where there is only a narrow shoreline strip between a road and a lough, it may not be possible to carry out any development which integrates with the landscape or does not detract from important public views.
Lough Erne is considered to be the principal tourism asset in the District therefore strategic guidance for tourism development of Lough Erne and its hinterland is provided.
Specific policies for the protection of the natural environment and man-made heritage are described in the Environment Section of the Plan.
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