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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Proposals: Enniskillen TC15 Pedestrian Movement

TC 15 Pedestrian Movement
The Department will consult on options to give greater pedestrian priority on the main shopping streets in the town centre.
The Department is currently considering two options for managing future vehicle and pedestrian movements on the main shopping streets. These are briefly summarised below and the Department would welcome comments from the public and interested bodies on this issue. The majority of representations received at the Preliminary Proposals Stage of the Plan favoured the Partial Pedestrianisation option The Department will undertake a separate consultation exercise before proceeding with any scheme.
The options are:-
i. Traffic Calming. Under this option conditions for pedestrians would be improved by encouraging a reduction in the volume and speed of through traffic. Typical measures would include the definition of on-street parking bays, the creation of meandering road alignment and the introduction of physical speed control measures. The opportunity to construct widened footpaths and carry out further environmental improvement works would also be created.
ii. Partial Pedestrianisation. This option would restrict entry to the precinct but allow vehicles required for servicing premises including the loading and unloading of goods. Through traffic and casual on-street parking would not be permitted but special arrangements could be made for shoppers collecting bulky items to enter the area at specified times.
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