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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Proposals: Enniskillen Landscape

Situated at the crossing point of the Fine, where the Upper and Lower Loughs join, Enniskillen has an unique landscape character and quality. A drumlin landscape characterises the area, with strong hedgerows and mature trees often on the ridge line. There are several inland loughs, which vary in size, surrounded by broad reed beds of varying height and colour, which gave way inland to a succession of swamp, fen and cam woodland or by seasonally flooded strips of damp grassland, backed by hedges, or scrub woodland. The Erne itself is also surrounded by broad reed beds and seasonally flooded strips of damp grassland or banks of mature woodland. There are other areas of mature woodland within, and at the edge of the town and mature planting associated with historic features such as listed buildings or archaeological sites and monuments. The most notable area is the Castle Coole demesne at the eastern edge of the town. Old railway lines also provide vegetative corridors through the town.
Care must be taken to ensure that new development does not dominate these characteristics rather sympathetically integrates with the natural environment and respects the man-made heritage and therefore conserves and enhances rather than destroys the quality of the landscape. Local Landscape Policy Areas (see Plan Policy Man Env 3) are therefore designated for those areas within and adjoining the development limit of Enniskillen which are considered to be of greatest amenity value or local significance and worthy of protection from undesirable or damaging development.

Local Landscape Policy Areas

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