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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007
Proposals: Enniskillen Housing Zonings H5-H8

H5 Old Rossorry Park - a 5.5ha site located between Old Rossorry Park and the Sillees River. The area adjoining the Sillees River is safeguarded from development by the designation of a Local Landscape Policy Area. The site itself is reasonably level to the rear of Old Rossorry Park before sloping away steeply to the Sillees River to the south. The only existing vegetation comprises poor hedgerows and additional landscaping as appropriate should be provided. New development should respect existing slopes and contours and lower density development should be located on the slopes towards the Sillees River. Care must also be taken in the siting of any development on lower slopes having regard to views along the Erne and the impact of development on the Old Rossorry Graveyard and church site which is a Local Landscape Policy Area. Access will be permitted onto Rossole Road. Development of this site has commenced.
H6 Mullylogan - a 4.7ha site to the south and east of Cleenish Park. To the west, the site is reasonably level but then slopes upwards towards a derelict farm group. There are some mature trees and hedgerows especially to the southern and eastern boundaries which should be retained and protected in any development, together with additional landscaping as appropriate. Access will be permitted onto Cappog Road which will require improvement as an integral part of the development. A short extension to the existing sewer network will be required to provide a gravity feed sewer.
H7 Drumawill - a 1 .2ha site to the east of the Sligo Road adjoining the small Drumawill housing estate. The site is low Iying with low thorn hedges all around. These should be retained and supplemented in any development together with additional landscaping as appropriate. A single access to an appropriate standard will be permitted onto the Sligo Road. Pumping may be required to provide adequate sewerage facilities for this site. Development of this site has commenced.
H8 Glenwood Gardens - a 1.0ha site comprising 2 parcels of land to either side of the estate road entrance to Glenwood Gardens, an adjoining medium density housing development. Both areas comprise flat open fields with little vegetation. Landscaping should be provided as appropriate, particularly along the boundary to the Derrylin Road. Access to both areas will be permitted onto Glenwood Gardens, but no access will be permitted onto the Derrylin road. Sub-soil conditions may require that the foundations for part of this site are piled.
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