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Fermanagh Area Plan 2007: Plan History

Date operative: 28th March 1997
Plan Area: Fermanagh District Council area
Status: Final version of adopted Area Plan published

Plan Chronology

  • March 1997: Final version of adopted Plan published incorporating amendments contained in the Adoption Statement
  • March 1997: Adoption Statement published
  • March 1997: Planning Appeals Commission Report published
  • June 1996: Planning Appeals Commission Report received
  • Public Inquiry held: Yes
  • April 1995: Supplements published with the Draft Plan:
    1. Countryside Assessment Supplement consisting of three separate published sections:
      • Landscape Evaluation of the Fermanagh Countryside
      • Town and Village Appraisals
      • Historic Parks, Gardens and Demesnes
    2. Technical Supplement
    3. Environmental Appraisal Supplement
    4. Monitoring Supplement
  • April 1995: Draft Plan published
  • March 1994: Preliminary Proposals published
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