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Dungannon and South Tyrone Area Plan 2010
Introduction: Plan Strategy

The Plan strategy is to:
  • promote Dungannon as a main hub within Northern Ireland and strengthen its role as the principal administrative, trade, employment and residential centre within the Borough;
  • consolidate the role of Coalisland as the Borough’s second largest settlement, providing appropriate development opportunities for housing, employment and leisure activities, in keeping with the scale and character of the settlement;
  • concentrate large-scale land use zonings within Dungannon and Coalisland, using a sequential and phased approach, particularly for housing, that gives priority to development within the existing urban area;
  • retain and provide development opportunities for shops, services, leisure activities and mixed use development within the town centres of Dungannon and Coalisland where they will contribute to their overall vitality and viability and are accessible to all members of the community by a variety of means of transport;
  • protect and extend existing industrial and business areas where they are within easy access of the urban population and will not have a significant adverse impact on the environment or local amenity;
  • maintain and consolidate the role of the Borough’s villages as local service centres providing appropriate development opportunities for housing, employment and leisure activities in keeping with the scale and character of individual settlements;
  • identify, define and designate areas of conservation interest, both natural and man-made, across the Borough and those of local landscape and townscape importance in and adjacent to the settlements; and
  • sustain a living and working countryside whilst protecting from inappropriate development those areas that are vulnerable to development pressure or that are visually or environmentally sensitive.
  • This Plan will implement this strategy through a series of policies and proposals that are in accordance with the Department's current strategic and regional planning policies. These are to be found in Parts 2 and 3 of the Plan.
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