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Derry Area Plan 2011
Villages and Small Settlements: Proposals/Policies

Policy SE 1 Development within Villages and Small Settlements

Proposals for development within settlement limits will normally be acceptable provided they:
  • are in keeping with the size and character of the settlement;
  • do not lead either individually or cumulatively to a loss of amenity; and
  • comply with all other relevant Plan policies.
The Department has identified 7 villages and 13 small settlements. The villages are Claudy, Culmore, Eglinton, Lettershendoney, Newbuildings, Park and Strathfoyle. The small settlements are Ardmore, Ballyrory, Campsey, Carnanreagh, Craigbane, Goshaden, Killaloo, Killea, Maydown, Nixon’s Corner, Straidarran, Tamnaherin and Tullintrain.
A limit of development has been defined for each village and small settlement within which development will normally be acceptable. However, not all land within the development limit will necessarily be capable of development. The inclusion of land within a settlement limit does not imply approval for any particular proposal. The development of some land may require the provision of infrastructure before it can proceed; some areas of land may be difficult to develop because of topography, or other considerations such as access and public health. In some settlements, where development pressures are greatest, the Department will keep under review proposals in order to ensure that developments, either individually or cumulatively do not adversely affect the amenity of the settlement. This will be of particular importance where small areas of land are proposed for development, the loss of which would adversely affect the amenity of the settlement. Proposals will be judged against all relevant Plan policies and any other material considerations.
In general land has not been zoned for any particular purpose as it may be acceptable for a number of uses. Exceptions to this include important open space and industrial zonings at Culmore and Newbuildings. Industrial land has been zoned at Culmore to provide additional choice on the west bank and the zoned industrial land at Newbuildings provides additional flexibility and choice to the south of the City.
The accompanying maps identify the development limit, and as appropriate, Areas of Townscape Character, Areas of Local Nature Conservation and Amenity Importance, Sites of Archaeological Interest, Areas of High Scenic Value, the Green Belt and Countryside Policy Areas, Protected Routes and Areas of Constraint on Mineral Development.
In order to protect and enhance the attractive and interesting historic cores in Culmore and Eglinton, Areas of Townscape Character have been defined (see Proposal BE1 and Plan Policy BE 12).
Green Belt policy will apply outside the immediate development limits of the following settlements: Culmore, Eglinton, Lettershendoney, Newbuildings, Strathfoyle, Ardmore, Campsey, Goshaden, Killea, Nixon’s Corner and Maydown.
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