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Derry Area Plan 2011
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Policy TR 1 Public Transport

The Department will seek to ensure the development of a high quality public transport system accessible to all.
The Transportation Strategy recognises that public transport has a significant contribution to make to development in the Derry District by providing an attractive alternative to the car for all strategically important movements on radial routes, better City accessibility and opportunities for interchange between bus and rail. The Department will, therefore, seek to support developments in public transport by the operating companies to take advantage of improvements made to the road network. The Department will seek to facilitate, insofar as practicable, the transportation needs of those with limited mobility.

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Policy TR 2 Traffic Management/Bus Measures

The Department will seek to encourage public transport usage by according priority to bus movements where practicable.
Bus priority measures will be considered in association with traffic management plans for the urban area. Measures may include bus lanes and priority at traffic signals along the core Public Transport Route (Map 3 Central Area).

Policy TR3 Cycling

The Department will seek to increase cycle activity and provide safe facilities for cyclists.
The health, environmental and transport benefits of cycling are well recognised and the Department proposes to work in partnership with local voluntary groups and other statutory organisations to implement a cycle strategy for the District. This will be of benefit to both the local population and tourists and will involve:
  • the development of the local section of the National Cycle Network;
  • the implementation of the Riverside Strategy cycle proposals;
  • the creation of new cycle routes;
  • where appropriate, the integration of cycling into new housing developments;
  • the investigation of possible “safe routes to school” initiatives;
  • the provision of cycle facilities.
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