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Derry Area Plan 2011
Part 14: Transportation

The priorities for Transportation will be to minimise and, where possible, reduce the impact of transport on the environment by a balanced approach to the promotion of alternative means of private transport and improved public transport while ensuring that external access is improved and that industry and housing development continues to be adequately serviced.
The aim will be to develop an efficient, safe, accessible and sustainable transportation system which offers better choice and mobility for all its users.
Over the Plan period it is likely that private transport will continue to have a significant role to play. However, 103 unrestrained car use, particularly in the City itself, is not a sustainable option in the long term. The emphasis in the future will be directed at moving people and goods efficiently, offering greater choice and reducing the impact on the environment.
Government has set out its present policy on a balanced approach to Integrated Transport in the following publications:
  1. Transportation in Northern Ireland - The Way Forward October 1995
  2. Moving Forward - Northern Ireland Transport Policy Statement November 1998
Reference is also made to the development of an integrated transport system and the need for sustainability in “Shaping our Future A Draft Regional Strategic Framework for Northern Ireland” in December 1998.
The “Moving Forward” policy statement proposes a series of specific measures to help develop a more integrated, balanced and effective transport system for the whole of Northern Ireland which will offer people a greater variety of transport options and recognises the transport needs of business. Among the range of measures included in the Moving Forward Policy Statement is the development of a more strategic approach to Northern Ireland’s transportation needs through the preparation of a Regional Transport Plan which will determine and coordinate all transport activities including transport and infrastructure development and traffic management, to be taken forward over a 5 year period.
A Traffic Reduction Bill has been introduced in Great Britain requiring local authorities to establish traffic reduction targets in their Transportation Planning Packages. The intention is to follow the principle of setting targets for reduction in traffic growth but these have not yet been established for Northern Ireland.
The Department believes the new approach to Transportation Policy will, over the Plan period, have an impact on reducing the unrestrained growth of traffic throughout Derry District and Northern Ireland. It is not possible to predict future levels of growth at this stage as policy is still evolving, however, the introduction of traffic reduction targets will establish a clear emphasis on a balanced sustainable transportation approach.
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