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Derry Area Plan 2011
Tourism: Proposals/Policies

Policy TU 1 Tourism Development

The Department will give favourable consideration to proposals for development which are appropriate in terms of their nature, scale and location
Proposals will be judged on their contribution to the tourism industry and the degree to which they contribute to the conservation of the built and natural heritages. The quality and diversity of the urban and rural landscapes are essential to the future of the tourism industry and it is necessary to ensure that tourism development does not damage the assets it seeks to exploit.

Policy TU 2 Tourism Design Considerations

The Department will require that all proposals for new tourism development comply with the basic principles of good design and landscaping
In assessing proposals the Department will ensure that developers pay appropriate attention to:
  • the topography and natural and man-made features of the site for example, trees, hedges and gradients.
  • the scale, size and character of the development which should be appropriate to the townscape/landscape setting;
  • use of materials of a type and colour appropriate to the location and the inclusion of a landscaping scheme;
  • the impact on the residential amenity of surrounding properties;
  • the requirements of people with disabilities or special needs.
The Department considers it important to ensure that all new tourism development is constructed to the highest standards so that as far as possible it makes a positive contribution to the environment rather than detracts from its inherent qualities.

Policy TU 3 Existing Tourism Facilities

The Department will normally give favourable consideration to proposals which involve the consolidation and expansion of existing tourism facilities.
The appropriate expansion of existing facilities may enhance the attraction to visitors while at the same time minimising visual and environmental impact. Any proposals for extensions to existing facilities should reflect the scale and character of the existing facility and pay attention to the criteria set out in Policy TU 2.
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