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Derry Area Plan 2011
Public Utilities: Proposals/Policies

Policy PU 1 Development near Sewage Treatment Works

The Department will control development in the vicinity of Drumahoe sewage treatment works.
The Department will seek to ensure that planning permission is not granted for development which would suffer loss of amenity from smell nuisance on land within 300 m of the major sewage treatment works at Drumahoe. When dealing with new developments in the proximity of Drumahoe, the Department will have regard to the following:
  • the nature and capacity of the treatment works;
  • local topography;
  • prevailing wind direction;
  • screening and disposition of existing development;
  • the nature of the proposed development;
  • the precise position of the actual smell source within the boundary of the works;
  • the advice of the Environmental Health Officer.
The acceptability of development adjacent to smaller sewage treatment works will also be evaluated on the basis of these considerations. Development outside the City limit will be controlled in accordance with the Department’s rural policies.
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