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Derry Area Plan 2011
Minerals: Proposals/Policies

Proposal MN 1 Areas of Constraint on Mineral Development

The Department defines Areas of Constraint on Mineral Development in (a) the Faughan Valley and (b) along the River Foyle within which there will be a presumption against the grant of planning permission for the extraction and/or processing of minerals.

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The boundaries of the Areas of Constraint on Mineral Development are indicated on the District Strategy Map 1. They are coterminous with the Areas of High Scenic Value defined under Proposal ENV 1 and the Countryside Policy Area at Bonds Glen/Ness Woods/Ervey Woods designated under Proposal COU 1. The purpose of designation of Areas of Constraint on Mineral Development is to facilitate protection of visual amenity and natural habitat from adverse environmental effects associated with the development of minerals which occur commonly in Northern Ireland and which are, or may be available from less environmentally sensitive locations. Exceptions to this policy may be made where extraction occurs over a short life-span, generally not exceeding 3 years, and without any associated processing on-site and provided adverse environmental effects are not significant. Planning permission in these circumstances may be particularly advantageous where rehabilitation of lands previously disturbed by mineral working will be achieved.

Policy MN 1 Restoration of Despoiled Land

The Department will seek to restore despoiled land where development proposals provide appropriate opportunities
Some parts of the District have been despoiled by previously unregulated and unrestored mineral workings. This is particularly the case between Drumahoe and Maydown and south of Claudy along the Faughan Valley. In the event that further proposals are received to develop deposits in the Faughan Valley consideration will be given to any opportunity presented to achieve rehabilitation of despoiled land.
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