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Derry Area Plan 2011
Introduction: Objectives of the Plan

In achieving its declared aim the Department will have the following objectives:
  1. promoting the sustainable development of the Derry City Council Area by making provision for economic development while protecting its natural assets and man-made heritage for the enjoyment of future generations;
  2. identifying sufficient land for development in appropriate locations to meet all anticipated needs enabling the City and District to achieve their full potential;
  3. encouraging a vibrant City capable of serving its regional hinterland and of sustaining all the functions comparable to any other city of its size in Western Europe;
  4. establishing a logical City Development Limit having regard to the prevention of urban sprawl, ribbon development and the coalescence of surrounding villages as well as the quality of the physical environment;
  5. developing a coherent strategy for the important landscapes associated with the River Foyle and its tributaries;
  6. conserving and improving those elements of the existing building stock which are of particular architectural or historic interest;
  7. encouraging the re-use of the City’s important heritage of former shirt factories;
  8. developing a transportation strategy for the City and District which will facilitate movement throughout the entire area and which is accessible insofar as is practicable to those with special needs. Alternative means of transport to the private car, such as cycling, will be promoted;
  9. identifying and conserving those features of nature conservation value;
  10. including sufficient land within the development limits of villages and small settlements to satisfy local housing and community needs taking account of their size and environmental constraints;
  11. making efficient use of existing infrastructure and utilities such as roads, sewage treatment works and water supply;
  12. protecting key assets for the tourist industry in the City and countryside while giving favourable consideration to proposals for tourism development which are appropriate in terms of their nature, scale and location;
  13. ensuring that all development wherever located pays appropriate attention to good design, landscaping and detail and to the character of its vicinity.
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