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Derry Area Plan 2011
Introduction: Draft Regional Strategic Framework

In December 1998 the Department published the Draft Document “Shaping Our Future Draft Regional Strategic Framework for Northern Ireland”. This document sets out for public comment a strategic and long term perspective on the future development of Northern Ireland up to the year 2025. It provides a spatial framework for action helping to inform and guide the whole community and will influence the future distribution of activities throughout the region.
The Regional Strategic Framework is not limited to land use and addresses a range of economic, social, environmental and community issues which are relevant to delivering the objectives of achieving sustainable development and social cohesion in Northern Ireland.
The Regional Strategic Framework has several functions:
  • to provide a strategic planning framework for strengthening the regional economy and tackling social disadvantage;
  • to protect and enhance the physical, natural and man-made assets of the region;
  • to provide a spatial framework for transport, air and water quality, energy and waste strategies, and for infrastructure providers and public service promoters;
  • to provide an overarching strategic framework for Development Plans and to guide public and private investment decisions relating to land use.
The Regional Strategic Framework identifies Londonderry as the Regional City and Hub of the North West. Its aim is to build on recent achievements by a Spatial Development Strategy to:
  • strengthen the City’s economy;
  • continue to regenerate the City;
  • promote an attractive and historic City.
The Draft Regional Strategic Framework was the subject of a Public Examination during Autumn 1999.
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