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Derry Area Plan 2011
Part 1: Introduction

The Derry Area Plan 2011 is a Development Plan prepared by the Planning Service, an agency within the Department of the Environment under the provisions of Part III of the Planning (NI) Order 1991.
This document comprises the Written Statement of the Derry Area Plan 2011. It should be read in association with the accompanying maps. The statement and maps set out the policies and proposals to guide development in the Derry City Council Area up to the year 2011.
In the event of a contradiction between the Written Statement and a map, the provisions of the Written Statement will prevail.
The Derry Area Plan 2011 will replace the previous Plans for the Derry City Council Area.
In January 1993 the Department announced that it was commencing the preparation of a new Development Plan for the Derry City Council Area. After consultation with the City Council, a Notice of Intention to prepare the plan was published in the local press and comments were invited from the public on the future development of the area. Over 90 written comments and suggestions were received. Consultations were carried out with Derry City Council, community groups, government departments and agencies, statutory undertakers and other appropriate bodies.
In November 1994 following consultation with the City Council the Department published the Preliminary Proposals of the Derry Area Plan 2011. Publication was followed by a period of extensive public consultation which lasted until March 1995. Representations were subsequently received from the City Council, community groups and various other statutory and voluntary bodies as well as from individual members of the public. The total number of representations received was of the order of 1,750, a total indicative of widespread public interest in the planning process.
The Department considered all representations received following which it published the Draft Derry Area Plan 2011 on 8 July 1996. The statutory time for objection ran from 8 July 1996-19 August 1996. A total of 294 objections were received during the objection period. Upon consideration of objections the Department requested the Planning Appeals Commission (the Commission) to convene a Public Inquiry. All objections were available for inspection from 27 January 1997.
The Public Inquiry into the Draft Area Plan commenced on 2 September 1997 and was conducted on various dates until 1 September 1998.

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Due to the need to clarify an ambiguity in the District Strategy Map 1 published with the Draft Derry Area Plan 2011 and the consequent need to clarify the intentions of the Draft Plan Written Statement, the Department prepared and issued a document with a limited number of clarifications. The public were invited to examine the proposed clarifications from 21 April 1998-2 June 1998. Eight objections were received by 2 June 1998. These were made available for inspection from 2 June 1998. The Commissioner also considered these objections.
The Commission subsequently reported to the Department on its consideration of the objections. The recommendations contained in the report by the Commission have been fully considered by the Department in finalising the outcome of the objections and the consequent revisions to the Plan, Written Statement and maps. Full details of the Department’s response to the Commission’s recommendations are set out in the Derry Area Plan 2011 Adoption Statement 2000.
The Department is now publishing the Derry Area Plan 2011. This document incorporates all the amendments outlined in the Adoption Statement and replaces all previous versions of the Derry Area Plan 2011.
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