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Industry and Employmnt: Policies

Policy IND 1 Assessment of Industrial Proposals

Planning Policy Statement 4 entitled “Industrial Development” was published in March 1997. In assessing planning applications for industrial proposals, the Department will take account of PPS 4.
The Department will also consider the scale of the development, any impact on amenity, heritage or nature conservation interest, the design and layout of the scheme, and whether the proposal is appropriate to the character of the area or settlement. The Department will require that all industrial development is carried out to the highest design standards including the provision of access and car parking arrangements.
Whilst the Department accepts that larger scale industrial development will be accommodated in the City and its immediate environs and has zoned land accordingly, there is also scope for industrial uses of a suitable scale to be located in other villages and small settlements.
It is important that industrial development makes a positive contribution to the environment and the locality. All proposals will, therefore, be required to include landscaping schemes to create more attractive environments, provide buffer zones and to help visually screen development from nearby residential areas. In addition, the Department will encourage the environmental improvement, as appropriate, of existing industrial estates and other industrial developments.

Policy IND 2 Large Scale Industrial Locations

Proposals for large scale industrial uses will normally be permitted in Londonderry and at the long established Maydown-Campsey localities.
The Industrial Development Board (IDB) aims to hold 20 hectares of land on both the west and east banks of the Foyle at any one time for development by IDB or LEDU (Local Enterprise Development Unit) supported companies. IDB requirements will be met by industrial zonings at Skeoge, Culmore and Campsey. The Department has also zoned land for industrial use at Buncrana Road and at Maydown.
Light industrial operations which are not detrimental to residential amenity would not necessarily be inappropriate in housing areas. Such operations could also be appropriate in mixed business areas and in villages and small settlements.

Policy IND 3 Development within Existing Industrial Estates

The Department will normally approve industrial development in existing industrial estates so as to make full use of existing infrastructure.
In virtually all of the current industrial estates there are opportunities for new enterprises either in vacant properties or remaining greenfield/brownfield sites. This policy will help to ensure that the future pattern of all industrial development will not be at variance with the Department’s declared aim of reducing the need for travel generally and particularly the reduction, where possible, in commuter movements. Consequently, the Department will also seek to ensure that land currently or last used for industrial uses will be retained for such use whenever appropriate.

Policy IND 4 Environmental Impact

In considering planning applications for new industrial development, the potential impact on the environment will be assessed.
The Department will pay attention to the nature of the process involved together with the potential pollution impact of each project. A formal Environmental Statement may be required under the Planning (Assessment of Environmental Effects) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1999. Where consent for discharge is required under the Water Act (Northern Ireland) 1972, water quality will be a major consideration.
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