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Derry Area Plan 2011
Part 2: Development Strategy

The development strategy for the Derry City Council Area is based upon an analysis of the key issues and opportunities pertinent to the District. It considers the complex inter-relationships that exist between the City, the District, the Region and beyond. The Plan recognises, therefore, the City’s wider regional role in the North West of Ireland together with its status as Northern Ireland’s second city.
The Derry Council Area has a population of around 105,800 (1998) of which some 84,000 reside in the City itself. The City provides shopping, educational and other services for its District and the neighbouring districts of Limavady, Strabane and parts of Co. Donegal. The population of this hinterland area is about 275,000 and the City’s dominance as the major service centre within this greater geographical area is assured.
The Plan promotes the concept of sustainable development based on the belief that conservation and development are not mutually exclusive alternatives, but differing interests which must be reconciled in accordance with the United Kingdom’s endorsement of its various international agreements and conventions. In its overall support of sustainable development the Plan seeks to promote development at the appropriate time and in the appropriate location. This approach calls for an appreciation of the natural, man-made and cultural reserves to ensure that development neither degrades nor irreversibly damages them. The Plan therefore seeks to integrate conservation and development through a mix of coordinated economic, environmental and social measures and policies.
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