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Derry Area Plan 2011
Part 3: The Countryside

Proposals and Policies

Proposal COU 1 The Green Belt and Countryside Policy Areas

The Department designates a Green Belt around Londonderry and Countryside Policy Areas at (a) Bonds Glen/Ness Woods/Ervey Woods and (b) the Foyle Estuary.
The size and continuing growth of Londonderry, the out-lying industrial areas and the nearby villages create considerable development pressures. It is a function of the Development Plan to provide sufficient land for this growth whilst protecting the open countryside from urban sprawl and ribbon development. A Green Belt has, therefore, been designated around Londonderry, the boundaries of which are indicated on the District Strategy Map 1.

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The designation of Countryside Policy Areas (CPAs) at (a) Bonds Glen/Ness Woods/Ervey Woods and (b) the Foyle Estuary will protect these areas of countryside which are under pressure or likely to come under pressure from development which would adversely affect the rural character of their landscapes. The CPA at Bonds Glen/Ness Woods/Ervey Woods also protects part of the valley of the River Faughan, an important river corridor. Within the Foyle Estuary CPA greater emphasis will be placed on the visual impact of proposals on the coastal zone. The boundaries of these designations are shown on the District Strategy Map 1.
The Department will strictly control development within the Green Belt and the Countryside Policy Areas and, apart from a limited number of uses, there will be a clear presumption against any new building and any new use of land which might create a demand for more buildings. No other development will normally be allowed unless there are over-riding reasons why that development is essential and could not be located in a town or village, or in a part of the open countryside not subject to policy constraint. A detailed explanation and further information regarding the policies for these areas is contained in the Department’s publication “A Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland” published in September 1993.
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