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Derry Area Plan 2011
Commerce: Proposals/Policies

Policy COM 1 Role of Commercial Core

The Department will seek to strengthen and consolidate the Commercial Core of the City as the principal focus for shopping in the District.

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The revival in retailing and investment in Londonderry City Centre needs to be consolidated. The Department is, therefore, committed to protecting the vitality and viability of the Commercial Core. This Core is defined in the Plan on Map 3 (see also Section 15, Central Area).

Policy COM 2 District Centres

Proposals for the development of convenience retailing and shops whose primary function is to meet a local need, which are located in or adjoining existing District Centres will be encouraged provided that:
  • the proposal meets existing deficiencies in local shopping provision;
  • the proposal would be unlikely to have an adverse impact on the vitality and viability of existing centres;
  • the development can be successfully integrated into the centre; and
  • the development would not lead to a detrimental impact on amenity, traffic movements and road safety.
The primary role of the District Centres is the provision of locally accessible convenience goods. These centres will be retained and where possible enhanced, however, the Department will seek to ensure that they do not grow so large that they would begin to undermine the vitality and viability of the City’s commercial core.

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  • Map No 2: City Map
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Proposal COM 1 New Local Centres

The Department defines 6 Local Centres at Buncrana Road East, Buncrana Road West (2), Lower Galliagh Road, Ballyarnett and at Crescent Link as identified on Map 2.
Within the Local Centres provision is made for community and other neighbourhood uses.

Policy COM 3 Local Centres

Local scale shopping within major residential areas will normally be acceptable where there is a clear deficiency in provision and where the proposed site is satisfactory in terms of environmental and traffic considerations.
The scale of development will be controlled so that it does not undermine the vitality and viability of the Commercial Core or the District Centres. The primary function of a Local Centre, which normally takes the form of a cluster of several small shops, is the provision of convenience goods to meet a local need. Community and other neighbourhood uses may also be acceptable at these locations.

Retail Warehouses, Leisure and Hotel

Adjacent to the Local Centre at Crescent Link, provision has been made for a development incorporating retail warehousing of no more than 12,000 sq. m (gross), hotel and leisure unit.
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