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Derry Area Plan 2011
Part 8: Commerce

Londonderry is the principal retailing centre for the City Council Area and for neighbouring areas of Limavady and Strabane and for parts of Donegal. It is a busy retail centre providing the area with a range of outlets selling convenience and durable goods and providing services. Its regional role has been confirmed and enhanced in recent times with the opening of major facilities such as the Richmond, Quayside and Foyleside Centres. Retailing outside the central area is concentrated in the District Centres at Lisnagelvin, Northside, Springtown and Rath Mor. The urban area also contains a number of local centres. In addition individual corner type shops are located throughout the urban area. All of these facilities form a hierarchy comprising of the Commercial Core, District Centres, Local Centres and corner shops in descending order of scale.
Outside the urban area the villages serve as retail centres for their local hinterland.
Given the significant retail developments which have taken place in recent years, the Department engaged consultants to monitor and assess changes in shopping. The monitor was carried out over the period 1993-1996.
The Department published Planning Policy Statement 5, “Retailing and Town Centres” in June 1996. This provides the Department’s regional policies and development proposals will be assessed within the context of PPS 5 and the policies below.
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