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Derry Area Plan 2011
Central Area: Urban Design

A number of urban design principles have been identified. These include:
  • buildings should define the street pattern and elevations should be visually interesting;
  • servicing should be totally incorporated within the building envelope;
  • large areas of surface level parking should be avoided;
  • parking should be screened from view, preferably within the building envelope;
  • parking areas should not be visible along the riverside;
  • important views of the City skyline should be protected;
  • building height should be commensurate with the overall scale and context of the riverside.
The strategy for the riverside area is set out in paragraphs 15.22 and 15.23, diagrammatically in Map 4 and, in the case of certain proposals, on Map 3.

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Consultants appointed by the Department have also produced supplementary planning guidance for this area entitled “Foyle Riverside Strategy”. This consists of two documents, “Realising the Opportunities” and “Establishing Design Principles” which further detail the approach required by the Plan. Whilst the statutory framework for the riverside is contained in the Plan, the supplementary guidance and associated maps identify additional areas with potential to contribute to the regeneration of the area. The Department will require that future proposals for the riverside should comply with the requirements set out in the Plan and have regard to the supplementary Planning Guidance in the “Foyle Riverside Strategy”.
The Department, in keeping with the “Foyle Riverside Strategy” document, recognises the concept of a Third Millennium Footbridge which would link the Cityside to the Waterside across the River Foyle.
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