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Derry Area Plan 2011
Appendix 7: City Housing Zonings (Page 2 of 10)

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Zoning H 1(b) Upper Galliagh

A 51.0 ha site of undulating land bounded by the proposed Skeoge Link Road, the Upper and Lower Galliagh Roads and the Beragh Hill Road on the north western outskirts of the City. The western portion of the site rises gradually from the lower sections of the Lower Galliagh Road in a northerly direction towards the Beragh Hill Road before levelling out towards the centre of the site. The existing vegetation which consists mainly of hedgerows and some mature trees dispersed throughout the area should be retained where possible and supplemented by additional landscaping as appropriate to integrate future housing.
It is important to ensure that adequate open space is made available within the site. Land has not been specifically zoned for this purpose so as not to restrict unduly the design of future housing layouts, however, provision of open space should be incorporated within the overall scheme at an early stage in the design process. A density range of 15-30 dwellings per hectare is considered suitable, however, development should respect existing slopes and contours and will be confined to development at the lower end of the density range in the western portion of the site, the character and amenity of which is set by the dominance of the adjoining Glengalliagh Hall.
No direct access will be permitted to these lands off the proposed Skeoge Link Road. The road layout shown on the Plan is indicative only and the exact alignment of the link road and the inter-connection will be the subject of more detailed discussion and public consultation before construction proceeds. The implementation of the Skeoge Link Road will provide for the inter-connection of Upper Galliagh Road and Buncrana Road. Development will be allowed to proceed in advance of provision of the Skeoge Link Road by the Department subject to conditions which reflect the concept of proportionality in PPS 1 (para 65) and PPS 3.
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