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Derry Area Plan 2011
Appendix 3: Guidelines for Development in the Vicinity of the City Walls

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The Department will require that all proposals treat the elevations onto and facing the Walls as an important part of the streetscape and will require the highest quality urban design solutions. A number of buildings outside, and backing onto the Walls, detract from the visual enjoyment of the streetscape as viewed from the Walls. In the past such buildings have treated the Walls as part of their backland. No access onto the Walls in the form of fire exits, delivery or service routes will be permitted.
A distinction is drawn between development proposals adjacent to the external face of the Walls and those internal to the Walls.


In proposals adjacent to the external face of the Walls, in addition to the general guidelines, the Department will require that development:
  • makes access provision for the maintenance of the Walls; and
  • ensures that building works do not alter or damage the physical fabric of the Walls.


Internally much of the townscape is separated from the Walls by the existing street pattern. There are, however, a number of opportunity sites close to or adjacent to the Walls at East Wall, Bishop Street Within and Palace Street (Map 3 Central Area). On these sites, in addition to the general guidelines, the Department may permit development which:
  • abuts directly onto the internal face of the Walls where this reflects an earlier building pattern;
  • provides appropriate pedestrian access onto the Walls from the buildings; and
  • is compatible with the character and amenity of adjoining uses.
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