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Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan 2015: Publication of Counter Objections

Published on Tues, 28 Nov 2006
The Counter Objections for the Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan 2015 can now be inspected.
At the first pre-inquiry meeting held on Tuesday 14th November 2006 (further details are available on the PAC website Opens link in a new browser window), the Department agreed to make available online, the letters of counter objection that were received in respect of representations to the draft Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan 2015. These can be inspected below.
Due to the complex nature of several of the counter objections received, and the fact that a number of the letters containing counter objections refer to a series of different objections, it is recommended that each letter is read in full. Where possible, a description is given of the main objection referred to in the counter objection; however, this will only provide a very general indication of the issues raised.

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