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Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan 2015: Implications of PPS21 on proposed Green Belt

Following the publication of Planning Policy Statement (PPS) 21 ‘Sustainable Development in the Countryside’, the Department is now withdrawing the proposed Green Belt Designation in Draft BMAP.
PPS 21 sets out planning policies for development in the countryside. With the publication of PPS 21 in its final form on 1st June 2010, the policies and provisions contained within it now take precedence over the policy provisions for all Green Belts in existing statutory and published draft Plans, with a limited number of exceptions.
As a consequence, the Department will be withdrawing the proposed Green Belt designation contained in draft BMAP i.e. Designation COU 1 - BMA Greenbelt, when it comes to adopt the plan. The Department has written to the Planning Appeals Commission (PAC) on this matter confirming that all objections and counter objections lodged to this designation are in effect redundant and therefore no longer fall to be considered.
It is important to note that this decision does not affect any objections that have been made in respect of other proposed countryside designations, such as Rural Landscape Wedges, Coastal Policy Areas, Areas of High Scenic Value, and the Lagan Valley Regional Park that have already been heard by the PAC during the Public Inquiry for draft BMAP.
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