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Craigavon Town Centre 2010: Plan History

Plan Chronology:
Plan Area: Craigavon,Portadown and Lurgan Town Centres within Craigavon Urban Area in Craigavon Borough Council Area
Plan adopted: 30 June 2008
Date operative: 30 June 2008
Associated Documents published with the Adopted Plan:
PAC Report on Independent Examination received 31 December 2007
Independent Examination in Public: 3 to 5 September 2007
Additional publications:
Draft Plan Published: 20 December 2005
Supporting Documents published with the Draft Plan:
Please note the large file size (15.09MB) of the Retail Study Volume 1, a hard copy of which can be obtained form the Craigavon Divisional Planning Office.
Craigavon Town Centre Boundaries and Retail Designations Plan 2010:Issues Paper:
Notice of Intention to prepare the Plan: 21 February 2005
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