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Craigavon twon Centre Boundaries and Retail Designations Plan 2010
: Development Control Advice Notes (DCANs)


DCAN 1: Amusement Centres
DCAN 2: Multiple Occupancy
DCAN 3: Bookmaking Offices
DCAN 4: Restaurants, Cafes and Fast Food Outlets (Revised)
DCAN 5: Taxi Offices
DCAN 7: Public Houses
DCAN 8: Housing in Existing Urban Areas (Revised)
DCAN 9: Residential Nursing Homes
DCAN 10: Environmental Impact Assessment (revised)
DCAN 11: Access for People with Disabilities
DCAN 12: Planning Control for Hazardous Substances (Second Edition)
DCAN 13: Creches, Day Nurseries and Pre-School Playgroups
DCAN 15: Vehicular Access Standards (Second Edition)

Issued for Consultation

DCAN 11: Access for All – Designing for an Accessible Environment (Revised)
DCAN 14: Siting and Design of Radio Telecommunications Equipment (Revised)
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