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Craigavon Town Centre Boundaries and Retail Designations Plan 2010
Plan Context: Regional Supplementary Planning Guidance

Regional Supplementary Planning Guidance
The Department’s publication ‘Creating Places’ provides guidance on the design, character and layout of new housing areas in Northern Ireland. The guide describes the contributions to quality and sustainability that developers will be expected to make through the accommodation of retail and related uses in the design of new residential developments.
The Department also publishes and updates as necessary a set of Development Control Advice Notes, which explain the planning criteria, and technical standards that the Department considers when dealing with specific categories or particular aspects of development in Northern Ireland. Development Control Advice Notes are listed in Appendix 3.
It should be noted that the Department is continuously reviewing its regional planning policies and advice. It is therefore advisable to contact the Divisional Planning Office to ascertain the current relevant policies and supplementary guidance that apply within the Craigavon Borough.
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