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Craigavon Town Centre Boundaries and Retail Designations Plan 2010
Plan Context: Regional Development Strategy

Regional Development Strategy
The Regional Development Strategy for Northern Ireland 2025 “Shaping Our Future” (RDS), which was approved by the Assembly in September 2001, sets out a dynamic strategic spatial planning framework for Northern Ireland to guide physical development within the region until 2025 and it provides an overarching strategic framework for development plans.
An important element of the RDS is the principle of ensuring a better quality of life for everyone now and for generations to come by seeking to meet the objectives of sustainable development.
The RDS contains a Spatial Development Strategy that aims to provide a strategic focus that will guide future development in order to provide a balanced and equitable pattern of sustainable development across the Region. In the context of the RDS, Craigavon is recognised as having high growth potential, reflecting its role as the major industrial and service centre in mid-Ulster, and its strategic location on the key transport corridors.
In the context of the RDS Craigavon is located in Rural Northern Ireland. The overall aim of the RDS for Rural Northern Ireland is to develop an attractive and prosperous rural area, based on a balanced and integrated approach to the development of town, village and countryside, contributing to the overall well-being of the Region as a whole. This is to be achieved by action on a series of Strategic Objectives and Supporting Strategic Planning Guidelines (SPGs).
The Regional Development Strategy (RDS) seeks to promote a balanced spread of economic development opportunities across the Region focused on the Belfast Metropolitan Area (BMA), Londonderry, Craigavon and the urban hubs/clusters, as the main centres for employment and services.
The objective is to capitalise on the development opportunity provided by the concentration of people and goods combined with available infrastructure and the clustering of a range of services, including the professional, technical and financial services essential to economic development.
The RDS provides a number of Strategic Planning Guidelines and measures for retail development within Northern Ireland which are as follows:
  • foster development which contributes to better community relations,recognises cultural diversity, and reduces socio-economic differentialswithin Northern Ireland (SPG-SRC 3) by: revitalising the role of town centres and other common locations well served by public transport as focal points for shopping, services, employment, cultural and leisureactivities for the whole community (SRC 3.2); and
  • promoting the development of major employment/enterprise areas in locations that are accessible to all sections of the community (SRC 3.2).
  • promote a balanced spread of economic development opportunities across the Region focused on the BMA... and the urban hubs/clusters as the main centres for employment and services (SPG-ECON 1) by:
  • supporting urban renaissance (ECON 1.3); and
  • promoting town centres as the major locations for shopping/new retail developments and confirming there is no justifiable need for any new regional out of town shopping centres (ECON 1.3).
  • support the network of service centres based on main towns, small towns and villages in Rural Northern Ireland (SPG-RNI 3) by:
  • promoting the vitality and viability of rural town and villages centres (RNI 3.2).
The Department for Regional Development has determined, in accordance with Article 28(3) Planning (Amendment) (Northern Ireland) Order 2003, that the Plan is in general conformity with the RDS.
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