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Craigavon Area Plan 2010
Settlement Proposals: Magheralin

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Magheralin is situated to the east of the Borough, on the main Moira to Lurgan Road, and bordering the River Lagan (see Map No. 12). Magheralin takes its name from the existence, at this location, of a very early ecclesiastical site. The parish church was built in medieval times and its remains form part of the ruined church in the old village graveyard. The post-medieval settlement appears to have developed along the main road and near to the parish church, with an industrial focus away to the south, beside the river. The settlement has a strong village character. It comprises several places of worship and associated church halls, a primary school and a number of local retail/business outlets. The nature of the surrounding topography has influenced the development of the village. The main part of the village lies on the south side of the Moira to Lurgan Road and there is very limited scope for further development to the north. Road infrastructural constraints, and the landscape character of the River Lagan corridor at this location, limit further development to the east and southeast of the village.
Plans concerning Magheralin sewage treatment works are currently scheduled for commencement in April 2005. The original proposal concerning the upgrade of the existing Waste Water Treatment Works has been abandoned in favour of pumping sewage generated by the catchment into the adjacent Lurgan treatment system.
Single dwelling units of an appropriate design will normally be permitted on suitable sites within the settlement limit, provided the proposal does not prejudice the comprehensive development of adjacent land. Housing development will normally be permitted, provided the scale, layout and detailed design of the development are compatible with the scale and character of the settlement.
Development proposals for land within the settlement limit will be assessed in accordance with Plan Policy SETT 1 and other relevant policies contained within the Plan.
Two areas of open space are zoned at Malcolmson Park and at Clarendon Park.
Two local Landscape Policy Areas (LLPAs) are designated as follows:

LLPA 1: New Forge Road

This LLPA covers an extensive area and has been designated to recognise the historic and landscape character of this area. There are records of iron-works at this location in the mid-17th Century and the area later became the New Forge bleach green. The industrial wealth of the area is apparent in the substantial residences in landscaped settings and a range of associated corn and bleach mill and weaving factory buildings, which are only a part of the original complex. The key features in the LLPA are New Forge House, a substantial late 18th Century Georgian house in a small landscaped park, which retains some of its planned planting, and Drumcro House, an early 19th Century, late Georgian house with traces of a designed landscape setting. New Forge House, its outbuildings and screen walls and Drumco House are listed, as is the 18th Century Forge Bridge which links them by road, across the Lagan. The river corridor, with its natural vegetation, is also a significant feature within the LLPA. The LLPA is designated to protect the surroundings of the listed buildings, the river banks, the planned landscape and the important tree groups. The LLPA has significant landscape and visual amenity.

LLPA 2: The Rectory

This LLPA is focused around the site of the original ecclesiastical settlement. The listed ruins of the medieval and later parish church stand in the old graveyard, adjoined by the Church of Ireland Rectory. There are mature trees within the graveyard, and the Rectory grounds are a designed landscape setting for the house. Together, the churchyard and Rectory form a visually significant, historic focus within the village and the LLPA is therefore important in visual and historic terms. The LLPA is designated to protect the surroundings of the listed buildings and the planned landscape. The area has significant landscape and visual amenity.
Re-development of The Rectory Garden (0.61 hectares) for church, community or educational purposes will be acceptable subject to complying with the criteria set out in the policy for any proposed development. This area is identified as "The Rectory Garden" on Map No. 12.
Policy for the control of development in the LLPAs is set out in Plan Policy CON 2 and CON 3 in Part 2 of the Plan.
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