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Craigavon Area Plan 2010
Settlement Proposals: Drumnacanvy

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Drumnacanvy is a dormitory settlement, located approximately 3km south of Portadown on Gilford Road (see Map No. 11). The village is situated within the Green Belt and is set within undulating hills, with land to the west becoming progressively flatter. The settlement comprises mainly residential development. Single dwelling units of an appropriate design will normally be permitted on suitable sites within the settlement limit, provided the proposal does not prejudice the comprehensive development of adjacent land. Housing development will normally be permitted provided the scale, layout and detailed design of the development are compatible with the scale and character of the settlement.
Development proposals for land within the settlement limit will be assessed in accordance with Plan Policy SETT 1 and other relevant policies contained within the Plan.
Development proposals for land zoned as Phase 2 housing land will be assessed in accordance with Plan Policy SETT 2.
Two Local Landscape Policy Areas (LLPAs) are designated, as follows:
LLPA 1: Lands north and south of Bleary Road
The LLPA comprises the buildings of the former Glen Eyre, now Glenview Private Nursing Home, and its surroundings. The house is late Georgian and its planned landscape setting of mature parkland, with a tree-planted boundary screen along Bleary Road, characterises this part of the LLPA. The LLPA extends across Bleary Road, to include the historic settlement grouping comprising Blackers Mill and the associated mill-workers terraced housing.
LLPA 2: Tree groups east and west of Gilford Road, southwest of the village
This LLPA, comprising of tree stands to the north and south of the village entrance, and the shelter belt to the west, provides evidence of historic planting and visually significant features defining the entrance to Drumnacanvy. The LLPA is designated to protect these important tree groups and the significant visual amenity they provide.
Policy for the control of development in these LLPAs is set out in Plan Policy CON 2 and Plan Policy CON 3 in Part 2 of the Plan. Plan Policy CON 3  does not apply to that part of LLPA 1 which is within the settlement limit and identified on Map No. 11 as "Glenview Private Nursing Home" . Development proposals within this area to provide dwelling units ancillary to the function of Glenview Private Nursing Home will be assessed in accordance with Plan Policy CON 2 and the key site requirements set out below:
LLPA 1: Develoment proposal within Glenview Private Nursing Home Local Landscape Policy Area (3.53 Hectares)
Key site requirements:
  • the results of a comprehensive survey, identifying trees, hedgerows and other vegetation to be retained and incorporated into the proposed development, shall be submitted with a planning application for full or outline permission;
  • the existing vegetation on the site shall be supplemented by substantial planting of trees and native species along the southeastern and northeastern boundaries to provide screening for the development, break up the housing mass and reduce the visual impact of the development;
  • the lower contours of the site may be developed to a maximum of two storeys, dropping to one storey in respect of the site's topography and, in particular, its elevated nature. Development on the crest of the hill will not exceed one storey in height. The height of development on the lower contours shall not exceed the ridgeline of any roofs on the crest of the hill;
  • the layout and housing type should preferably be terraced in form;
  • courtyard type development will be acceptable. External finishes and detailing shall be to match those on the existing nursing home;
  • the development shall contain dwelling units accessible to those with mobility difficulties, particularly wheelchair dependents;
  • the layout shall be designed to ensure that no houses back onto the public road; and
  • a development of more than 5 units may require:
    • 4.5 x 80 metre splays at access;
    • forward visibility improvements at access;
    • road widening, footpath provision from access to Drumnacanvy Road; or
    • visibility improvements at Drumnacanvy Road junction both sides 4.5 x 90 metres.
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