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Craigavon Area Plan 2010
Portadown: Recreation and Open Space

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Portadown's existing public open spaces are located both within the town and on the periphery and they serve the whole community. They comprise a number of historic parks as well as playing fields and specialised recreation facilities. These open spaces and recreational uses form part of the urban structure of Portadown in that they contribute to the environmental quality of the town, as well as providing for the recreational needs of residents.

Existing Open Space

The following areas of existing open space are identified for information and are shown on Map No. 5 Craigavon Urban Area:
  • People's Park (11.14ha);
  • Edenvilla Park (8.93ha);
  • Brownstown Park (4.48ha);
  • Bann Boulevard and Pleasure Gardens (2.92ha);
  • Land at Churchill Road (3.76ha);
  • Meadow Lane (1.72ha);
  • Riverside Parkway (1.2 ha); and
  • Corcrain Open Space (1.12ha)
Within these areas planning applications will be determined in accordance with the provisions of Planning Policy Statement 8 (PPS8): Open Space, Sport and Outdoor Recreation. Any other areas of existing open space are, however, also covered by the same safeguarding provisions of prevailing regional planning policy.
People's Park and Edenvilla Park are also designated as Local Landscape Policy Areas, (see Designation P/LLPA 1 and Designation P/LLPA 2).
Open Space Zonings
19.7 hectares of land are zoned for open space to the south and west of the centre ofPortadown, and at Corcrain and Edenvilla as an extension to the existing open space:
  • Corcrain (an additional 8.1ha);
  • Bann Meadows (5.6ha);
  • Rectory Park (2.4ha);
  • Edenvilla (an additional 1.9ha); and
  • Meadow Lane (1.7ha)
Within these areas development proposals will be assessed in accordance with Plan Policy ROS 1 and prevailing regional planning policy.
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