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Craigavon Area Plan 2010
Policy Framework: Recreation and Open Space

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The provision of adequate recreational facilities within Craigavon Borough is the statutory responsibility of the Borough Council. Other bodies who contribute tothe provision and development of sport, recreation and open space facilities do, however, also play an important role. These include local sports clubs, schools and colleges, and the Sports Council.
The Borough Council provides a range of parks and children's play facilities, as well as informal open space. The Borough is served by a wide range of recreational facilities including those for soccer, rugby, gaelic games and golf. This open space is complemented by the natural amenities of the Borough, particularly the River Bann, Lough Neagh and the Craigavon lakes.

Regional Policy Context

One of the major themes in the Regional Development Strategy (RDS) is to promote "the Environment and Health including Recreation and Cultural Amenities". The RDS aims to promote a greater awareness of the important links between the environment, health and well being by:
  • creating healthier living environments and to support healthy lifestyles; and
  • facilitating access to a range of opportunities for recreational and cultural activities.
The Department's regional planning policies for recreation and open space in Craigavon Borough in Planning Policy Statement 8 (PPS 8): Open Space, Sport and Outdoor Recreation. PPS 8 contains policies for the protection of existing open space, the provision of new areas of open space in association with residential development, and the use of land for sport and outdoor recreation.
Planning Policy Statement 7 (PPS 7): Quality Residential Environments requires adequate provision for public and private open space in new residential developments.
Plan Policy ROS 1 Recreation and Open Space Zonings
30 hectares of land are zoned for open space and outdoor recreational use in Craigavon Urban Area.
Within areas zoned for open space, proposals will be determined in accordance with the provisions of prevailing regional planning policy.
The details of the land zoned for open space are set out and shown in Part 3 of the Plan. Developers will also be required to provide adequate areas of open space within new housing schemes in accordance with PPS 7 and PPS 8.
Plan Policy ROS 2 Community Woodlands
The Department will welcome proposals for community woodlands. Within such woodlands, favourable consideration will be given to ancillary development that will complement or facilitate the development of the woodland.
10.37 hectares of land are designated at Taghnevan as community woodland and shown on Map No. 5 Craigavon Urban Area.
The Department wishes to encourage the planting of additional trees within the Borough and will, therefore, respond positively to proposals for community woodlands. New tree cover contributes to increased biodiversity whilst providing a source of informal recreation and enjoyment for local people. The Department will be sympathetic to proposals such as appropriate amenity facilities, sensitively located car parks and interpretative signs within or adjacent to the site that promotes its use.

Existing Open Space

Major areas of existing open space are shown for information on the relevant Plan maps. Within these areas planning applications will be determined in accordance with the provisions of prevailing regional planning policy and, in particular, PPS 8.
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