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Cookstown Area Plan 2010
Settlements: Ardtrea

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Ardtrea is located approximately four kilometres east of Cookstown.
The village is small in scale and has a limited range of services and facilities. Individual dwellings are grouped with Ardtrea Church, a listed building, in an imposing hilltop location.
It is not anticipated that there will be a high demand for housing or other development in the village. Large-scale development would in any case be out of character and heavily constrained by the absence of a sewage treatment works. New development will normally be restricted to single dwelling units of an appropriate design.
A Local Landscape Policy Area is designated around Ardtrea Church in order to protect its immediate surroundings and associated archaeological remains. Development in this area will normally be restricted to the appropriate extension of existing buildings and minor works.
Ardtrea Church can be viewed from many vantage points throughout the surrounding countryside and is identified as a local landmark. Development that would impact significantly on views of this landmark will not normally be permitted.
Important views of the surrounding countryside are identified from vantage points in the centre of the village. Development that would impact significantly on these views will not normally be permitted.
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