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Cookstown Area Plan 2010
Settlements: Cookstown  Recreation and Open Space

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Cookstown has a number of local parks which, together with other smaller open spaces, will be protected over the plan period through the provisions of Planning Policy Statement 8 (PPS 8): Open Space, Sport and Outdoor Recreation. In addition, new public open space will be required on some housing zonings under the provisions of Planning Policy Statement 7 (PPS 7): Quality Residential Environments and PPS 8.
The town, however,lacks outdoor sporting facilities and larger, less formal areas for passive recreation such as walking. Accordingly, in conjunction with the District Council, the following are designated in accordance with  Policy ROS 1 and Policy AGRI 1.
R 1 Land west of Westbury Drive and Adair Gardens/Avenue
This 4.12 hectare site is located on the eastern side of the Ballinderry River and contains the remains of an old millrace and extensive tree coverage. The site will be developed for a riverside walkway and passive recreation facilities that do not conflict unduly with the nature conservation interests of the area. Adjacent to the site is an electricity substation where it is proposed to provide a public car park with access to the Ballinderry River and linkages to a walkway to the rath located at Westland Road and the town centre (see Plan Policy ROS 1)
R 2 Land at Loughry
A number of sports pitches and playing fields is proposed by the District Council on a 31.06 hectare site at Loughry. Built development on the site will be restricted to that which is ancillary to the provision of these recreation facilities. Existing mature boundary vegetation should be retained and augmented by additional planting. The rath within the site should be retained, undisturbed, as a feature within any development, and its environs should not be adversely affected by the creation of additional pitches, new earthworks or planting. It is anticipated that these facilities will link into a network of country walks through the estate and adjacent countryside (see Plan Policies ROS 1 and AGRI 1).
R 3 Land at Killymoon
This 16.57 hectare site will be developed as a Community Woodland containing a riverside walkway (see Plan Policy AGRI 1)
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