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Cookstown Area Plan 2010
Settlements: Cookstown Conservation

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In addition to zoning land for development, the Plan also affords appropriate protection to the town's natural and built heritage (see Plan Policies CON 2 and CON 5 and Map No. 36a).
AAP 1 Derryloran Area of Archaeological Potential
Derryloran is a site of early Christian settlement with ecclesiastical remains dating from the 6th Century. Glebe Church is a State Care monument and is afforded special protection. However, development opportunities may arise on surrounding land to the south, some of which is in commercial use. Within this area developers will be required to provide an archaeological assessment and evaluation in line with the provisions of Policy BH3 in PPS 6: Planning, Archaeology and the Built Heritage. Developers are advised to liaise with the Department before submitting any proposals for this area (see Plan Policy CON 5).
LLPA 1 Ballinderry River Local Landscape Policy Area
Designation of a Local Landscape Policy Area (LLPA) in this river valley is based on the area's topography, tree cover, nature conservation interests, historic buildings and industrial heritage. The area contains a number of uses including a golf course and castle, an industrial estate, hotels and residential properties.
Within this area, there will be a presumption against new development apart from change of use to outdoor leisure and recreational uses or development that is ancillary to the enjoyment of the open space.
An exception to the above is the possible redevelopment, including suitable alternative land uses, of areas containing existing development. Proposals may be acceptable provided that they do not detract from the intrinsic value of the designated area.
LLPA 2 Cookstown Cemetery Local Landscape Policy Area
This site provides Cookstown with a significant area of open land. Of particular importance is the rath and its tree circle, which is not only of archaeological interest but also provides a visual focus for the west of the town. The remains of Chapel Road, which provides a pedestrian link to the main street, is included in the LLPA. The pedestrian link was improved in 1998. The District Council plans to develop the open space in the area to the east of the graveyard for passive recreational purposes.
Development within this LLPA will be restricted to that which is ancillary to the graveyard or enjoyment of the open space.
LLPA 3 Loy Street Local Landscape Policy Area (See Map Nos. 36a and 36b)
This LLPA comprises of a number of historic buildings and Holy Trinity Church which is a local landmark. This area is elevated and well treed. The purpose of the LLPA is to protect the immediate surroundings of the historic buildings and prevent over-development.
There will be a presumption against new development except where proposals are for extensions of existing properties or small ancillary buildings that do not threaten the integrity of the area.
LLPA 4 Coolnafranky Local Landscape Policy Area
This elevated land provides an important green lung within Cookstown town centre. It comprises a school complex and its playing fields, but also includes a row of houses along Molesworth Road.
There will be a presumption against new development for residential or commercial use. Favourable consideration will normally be given to extension of existing residential properties and minor ancillary development such as domestic garages. Favourable consideration will also be given to the extension of existing buildings or erection of new buildings in connection with educational or community uses, provided these are located within the existing cluster of school buildings and do not threaten the integrity of the designated area.
LLPA 5 St Luran's Local Landscape Policy Area
This site is occupied by a listed building that acts as a landmark on a crest at the southern end of the town. Whilst the existing vegetation is not particularly significant, the topography and historic importance of the site justify LLPA designation.
ATC 1 Cookstown Area of Townscape Character
An Area of Townscape Character (ATC) is designated in the commercial core in recognition of the quality of both individual buildings and the historic street pattern. Within the designated area, there are approximately 65 listed buildings to which special planning controls apply.
In order to help retain the historic characteristics of this area, special attention will be given to the height, form, scale, massing and detailing of any development proposals to ensure that they do not detract from the character of the area.
To ensure that the character of this area is retained, the Department will normally require that:
  • any new development within or adjacent to the ATC conforms to the grid like street pattern;
  • materials respect the building traditions of the area;
  • the existing building line is retained;
  • new buildings or extensions respect existing building heights; and
  • new shop fronts and signage are sympathetic to the original appearance and form of the building, although favourable consideration will be given to new styles of shop front provided that the form, design and materials respect or enhance the facade of the property as a whole.
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