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Cookstown Area Plan 2010
Policy Framework: Industry and Mixed Business (Page 2 of 2)

Plan Policy IND 1 Industry and Mixed Business Use
Within Cookstown, and at Ardboe Business Park, industrial and mixed business use areas are designated and an additional 65.6 hectares of land is zoned for such purposes in Cookstown.
Within these areas planning permission will normally be granted for industry, storage and distribution, and other appropriate business uses where the development meets the key site requirements contained in Part 3 of the Plan. The introduction of inappropriate non conforming uses will not normally be permitted. An exception may be made for the following:
  • a replacement agricultural mart; or
  • ancillary development that will create significant employment opportunities and will not prejudice the efficient operation of industrial and business uses.

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It is in the national and local interest that adequate sites are retained for industrial and mixed business use. Accordingly, the Department identifies areas of existing industrial and mixed business use within Cookstown which should be retained for economic, infrastructural and access reasons. Inappropriate non conforming uses should be restricted in these areas to safeguard employment opportunities and the operations of existing or future businesses.
In addition to protecting existing sites within Cookstown, the Department zones land for new industrial and mixed business use to meet the anticipated needs of INI and private sector industrial and business enterprises over the plan period. The principal key site requirements affecting zoned lands are set out in Part 3 of the Plan. These include requirements for the provision of infrastructure, landscaping and appropriate access arrangements, as well as matters relating to the form, design and layout of development. It is considered that the range of existing sites and new zonings will provide flexibility in choice of site for developers.
Industrial and mixed business use areas and new zonings are identified on the Cookstown and Ardboe Settlement Map Nos. 36a and 37.
Plan Policy IND 2 Loughry Agri-Food Park
A 12.4 hectare site is designated for an Agri-Food Park at Loughry College.
Planning permission will be granted for the development of high-tech business units at the above site provided all of the following criteria are met:
  • the units are to be used for food processing or research and development activities in connection with the Agri-Food Industry;
  • all premises are to be occupied by existing businesses decanting from incubation units at Loughry College; and
  • the development forms part of a comprehensive design scheme that meets all of the key site requirements contained in Part 3 of the Plan.
High-tech incubation units for business related to the agri-food industry have developed at Loughry College in order that new and innovative businesses could benefit from research taking place at the agricultural college. Some of the businesses that started up in these units have proved to be successful and wish to expand their operations at Loughry. The development of new units will allow this expansion and bring about local employment benefits. It will also free up some of the existing business incubation units so that other businesses may develop.
The site is located in the Cookstown Green Belt and its surroundings are of nature conservation and archaeological importance, and of significant historic interest as designed parkland, all of which contribute to make this a location of high amenity value. Accordingly, any development will be limited to the agri-food industry and to those businesses already established through the incubation units. Any development will also need to be in accordance with a comprehensive design scheme that is sensitive to the local environs. It is envisaged that individual units will be situated within a woodland setting. This will require extensive landscaping and tree planting. The key site requirements for this site are set out in Part 3 of the Plan and the location of the site is identified on Loughry Map No. 4.
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